How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

Final Expenses


A Whole Life or Universal Life policy can ensure your loved ones have the money they need to take care of your final expenses. be sure to outline your final wishes so they know what to do should something happen to you.

First Home


Buying a new home is exciting! But would your spouse be able to stay in the home if something unexpected happened to you? Make sure they can by purchasing Term Life Insurance to protect your investment and lifestyle.

Family Matters


Let's face it, kids are expensive. And if you are like most dual income families, losing one income could have drastic consequences on the other parent and the children. Make sure you and your spouse have Term Life Insurance to replace that lost income should something happen to one of you.

Juvenile Life Insurance


No one wants to think about something happening to their child but there's more to juvenile life than that. Purchasing Life Insurance for your child is smart for many reasons. 1) You have Liefe Insurance for if something were to happen to them. 2) They have a great rate on Life Insurance they can likely keep forever. and 3) They are protected if they were ever diagnosed with a serious condition that would otherwise prevent them from purchasing Life Insurance.

Choose the right beneficiary


Your spouse will likely be the beneficiary of your Life Insurance, but who's your Contingent Beneficiary? Who would step in if something happened to both you and your spouse and your kids needed someone to take care of things? Choose wisely and make sure to keep this information up to date so when it's needed, it's easy to access. Hint: Your underage kids are not good beneficiaries as they are too young to receive the money and there would probably be legal fees involved. You can however set up a trust for them.

Assess your needs


Use one of our income replacement calculation tools to figure out how much Life Insurance your family needs!