Why Offer Benefits


Better coverage. Better cost.

Your employees are able to get better plans through worksite benefits than they can on their own. And at a lower cost!

In addition, some coverage (like Disability) is extremely hard to get outside of employment.


The best employees.

Having a good benefits plan can help attract and retain the best candidates. The Benefits question is second only to salary during the interview process. 

26% of workers have left or turned down a job due to the benefits offered. (According to the 2018 Aflac Workforces Report)


No exclusions.

Once an individual is sick, their odds for qualifying for things like Life Insurance at a reasonable rate decrease dramatically. And they may not be able to get it all.

Worksite benefits are often Guaranteed Issue which can be a real life saver to someone with chronic conditions.


Better morale.

Employees who feel that their employer cares about them work harder and more diligently. Offering benefits is a great way to make your employees feel more valuable and appreciated.