Medical Cost Sharing Programs

What is a medical cost sharing program?

Much like Christian Healthcare Sharing Ministries, a Medical Cost Sharing Program is a group of like-minded individuals sharing each others financial burdens due to unexpected healthcare costs. The difference is that they are not Christian lifestyle based, but are healthy lifestyle based. The idea is to take personal responsibility for your personal health and healthcare choices. telemedicine is included as well as a healthcare concierge to help you use healthcare more efficiently.

By focusing on a healthy lifestyle, members are encouraged to take personal responsibility for their health. The IUA (Initial Unshareable Amount) is the amount you are responsible for before bills become shareable for a condition. Tobacco users will pay higher shares each month. And bills resulting from recreational drug or committing a crime are not shareable.

Like Christian Healthcare Sharing Ministries, it is often best to purchase a limited med program to pay for wellness exams, routine doctor visits, and prescriptions.

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